Art Commissions

Things I will draw

  • Your original characters
  • Established characters
  • Real people (actors, musicians, etc.)
  • Your pet
  • Ship art
  • Scenes and covers for stories
  • Reference sheets
  • Suggestive (kissing, shirtless, etc.)
  • Mild violence (blood, bruises, cuts, etc.)

Things I won’t draw

  • Explicit NSFW art
  • Mechas or complex armor
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Hateful imagery or bigotry
  • Explicit gore
  • Suggestive/ship art depicting minors

If you are interested, please send me an email at with the style you want the art in, your idea, visual references, and your PayPal email. If your idea/project is out of the scope of these, we can talk about it via email as well.

I reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason. All payments are made through PayPal invoices and paid in advance (or half in advance for pieces over $40 USD).

You can use the art however you please as long as it is not used for commercial purposes (selling prints, t-shirts, or any other item or lucrative project) and as long as you credit in some way. If you are going to use it for commercial purposes, there is an extra fee.
I retain the rights to the art piece and to post it on my social media or portfolio. If you do not want the art to be seen, there is a privacy fee.
Prices may vary due to complexity of the piece. There are no refunds once the initial sketch has been delivered.

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