Art Commissions

Things I will draw

  • Your original characters
  • Established characters
  • Real people (actors, musicians, your partner, etc.)
  • Ship/romantic art
  • Scenes and covers for stories
  • Character reference sheets
  • Suggestive (kissing, shirtless, etc.)
  • Mild violence (blood, bruises, cuts, weapons, etc.)

Things I won’t draw

  • Explicit NSFW art
  • Mechas or complex armor and architecture
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Hateful imagery or bigotry of any kind ; this includes references to hate groups
  • Explicit gore
  • Suggestive/ship art depicting minors

If you are interested, please send me an email at (or DM me through Tumblr/Instagram @ImpMakesArt) with: the style you want the art in, your idea, visual references, and your PayPal email.
If your idea/project is different from what I offer here, we can talk about it via email as well.

You can find the full information on payment and process in my terms of service below.

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